Personalised Learning

Each session is specific to the needs of the pupil

Weaknesses are remembered and addressed

“About you” settings allow pupils to progress at different rates

Higher-only content can be excluded

Workload Reduction

Questions are chosen, created, delivered and marked by the App

Follow-up practice questions self-generate

Gaps in knowledge are recorded and tracked automatically

Pupils create their own accounts so minimal administration

Designed for the classroom

A 10 minute activity so works as a lesson starter

No instructions are needed

Results screen is visible from across a classroom

Colour coding conveys level of challenge

Monitor practise with the ‘Pips’ under question number

App is suitable for shared devices and has an automatic log out

Track Progress

Create a reliable measure of attainment through regular use

Demonstrate progress through changes in attainment measure

Suitable for shared devices

Colour coding conveys level of challenge

Can be used outwith lessonS

Maths specialists are not required to oversee it

Arc Maths is a great intervention activity

Try it in form time or as a homework

Please get in touch to request some free trial licences or a school subscription.

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